Things I wish I knew...

Hopefully you’ve found this post shortly after reading my birth story as it’s probably far more useful than me just babbling about pushing a baby out like a salmon! (If you don’t get this reference maybe read the   birth story   first) When I first found out I was pregnant I was far too keen to listen to everybody’s birth stories, but I quickly realised very few of them are positive and it seemed like people just wanted to put the fear of god into you!! The general consensus seemed to be that birth is the most painful thing you’ll ever experience, but worth it. Because of this, I started investigating hypnobirthing (post coming soon) and found this massively helped and prepared me for the  birth I wanted  and eventually had. However, there are some things that even the hypnobirthing community doesn’t prepare you for. Some practical bits, some less practical and more horror movie style … so here it is … no holes barred (literally... due to the nature of birth!) Hair bobbles - these litt

Birth Story

Here goes… my first blog post… and I couldn’t start anywhere other than our birth story as she’s the reason and inspiration for this blog, and so I dedicate this post to you baby. Honesty spot – I LOVED giving birth. It all began on a Friday morning, Friday 16 th  August 2019 - or did it? Based on my understanding of hypnobirthing (more on this in future posts) the release of oxytocin from a little date night at Pizza Express, followed by childish games at the arcades the night before may have triggered my labour, but regardless, at 39 weeks I was ready. I woke up around 7:30am after an uncomfortable night and with what looked like my ‘show’ in my pyjama bottoms. In hindsight it definitely was, but at the time I was so unsure. I’d been told so many times that you’d just  know  when labour started and I really didn’t! To be on the safe side I text my best friend (very helpfully also a student midwife), mum and husband with a heads up, but carried on with the day I planned starting with